World Day Of Prison at Nkambe Central

The week of prayer for Prisons/Chaplains in the prison ministry took off on the 26th of November after careful working sessions with some pastors of the Full Gospel Mission,Apostolic Church, Assemblies of God Church, and the PCC in Nkambe Central.

Monday 26th - The activities of the week began with an Ecumenical service at PC Nkambe Town where the pastors of the above denomination assmbled with some faithful and children to start worshipping God under the theme: Can You See Me? or Are you just Looking?

Tuesday 27th - At the Apostolic Church, the prayers and meditation continued. The call was made for those outside the prison to have compassion on inmates and break the barriers of denominations.

28th Wednesday - This Ecumenical was to take place at the Full Gospel Mission but the Rev. Chuo went to Bamenda for an urgent call.

29th Thursday - We  had the service at PC New Town Nkambe.

30th Friday - The Ecumenical service took place at Assemblies of God Church.

1st December -  On this day all the christians though few assembled at the Nkambe Grand Stand and started off at 10.45am to the Central Nkambe Prison.On this final day, we had close to 100 Christians from the different denominations with the PCC main evangelistic movements like the CYF,CWF,AND CMF taking the lead.

It was a blessing to be part of this evangelistic event because of Jesus Christ.

Rev.Titatang Kingsley 

Staff and Students, Presbyterian High School, Fall 2012


Presbyterian Church Day

The pictures show the staff and students marching to worship God at the main congregation during the Presbyterian Church Day that was 11th November 2012.

It's a community of 195 students and 20 teachers including the catering workers and driver with less than 29 children.

One problem we have on campus is the lack of a chapel and we intend to start the fundraising to that effect next term. All the entire building from foundation to roof may cost us less than 10 million francs because we are going to use materials around like the earth, stones, eucalyptus trees and sand just nearby. I will get the estimate and submit for some deliberations at our committee and then keep you posted.

Lastly, the students shall be on holidays from Thursday the 14th of December to the 6th of January 2013 when they shall resume for the second term. Now is the time when we lack water because of the dry nature of the community and on/off cuts of lights but health wise all is on good footing.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all the family of God's children at Konstanz. God will see us through despite the many challenges within and without.

Yours Servant,

Rev.Titatang Kingsley


Besuch einer Delegation aus Donga Mantung 2013

Im Mai 2013 wird eine Delegation aus Donga Mantung den Kirchenbezirk Konstanz besuchen. Mitglieder der Delegation werden sein Rev.Titatang Kingsley (Presbyterial Secretary/Leader of the team), Rev.Roland Ngwayi Cha Ngong (Presbyterial Treasurer), Elder Mrs.Massa Josephine (Chairperson DMP) und Mr. Echu Jack Mendi (Principal PHS Nkambe).

Als Auftakt ist ein gemeinsamer Besuch des Kirchentags in Hamburg geplant. Vom 6.5. - 12.5. und vom 18.5. - 22.5. wird die Delegation im Kirchenbezirk sein und hoffentlich einen guten Eindruck von dem Spektrum christlicher Aktivitäten und kirchlicher Arbeit im Kirchenbezirk Konstanz bekommen. Dazwischen werden unser Gäste und wir vom 13.5.- 16.5. am Internationalen Partnerschaftstreffen in Schloss Beuggen anläßlich 450 Jahre Heidelberger Katechismus teilnehmen.

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Ich will den HERRN loben in den Versammlungen.Psalm 26,12

Wie ist es nun, Brüder und Schwestern? Wenn ihr zusammenkommt, so hat ein jeder einen Psalm, er hat eine Lehre, er hat eine Offenbarung, er hat eine Zungenrede, er hat eine Auslegung. Lasst es alles geschehen zur Erbauung!1.Korinther 14,26


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"Ich danke dir, dass ich wunderbar gemacht bin; wunderbar sind deine Werke, das erkennt meine Seele.“

Psalm 139, 14